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Historically, if all bonus-round contestants had guessed the combination of HGBO at every opportunity, the four letters would have revealed 22.5 percent of all bonus round letters.

In reality, however, contestants rarely guess HGBO—and sometimes they guess strange combinations of unlikely letters, like PKWI or ZJWI.

The three consonants and one vowel that show up most frequently in the bonus round are H, G, B, and O. Even if you split the bonus round sample chronologically into five equal samples of 400 puzzles, in order to test for random blips over time, O is the most popular letter in every sample.

The fact that O appears more frequently than letters that usually best it—like E, T, or A—suggests its high frequency is likely not random.

The chart below plots the percentage of total letters revealed (either by player guess or by RSTLNE) along the X-axis, against the win percentage of players on the Y-axis.Only about 30 people had been in a similar position to Emil’s—that is, with less than 20 percent of all letters revealed—and none of them had ever managed to win.Again, my analysis is based on the available data, which has some holes in it, and doesn’t date all the way back to the show’s debut in 1975.But the difference in frequency between M and C or A and O is not huge—at least in real life.Recall, however, that bonus round answers do not have the same letter frequency you find in the English language.

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Based on each letter’s frequency in the bonus round, statistics would suggest that their guesses should have revealed only 18.5 percent of all letters.

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